Training courses for Academic and Jobhunter.

To start with, we implemented our courses to cover both needs for academic students who study information technology, and those who want to master the skills required to get a job.

Different platform design to cover all needs.

If you are looking for easy adminstration with good security for your website, then join our customers who ask for different platform webdesign according to their needs include (ASPnet, PhP, Laraval).

Complete systems for all activities.

If you are medical firm or constructing co. or markting agancy, we cover all these topics with our handmade systems for your needs.
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Our Services

Online Courses

We are a leading company for deliver e-courses, we started with the early Moodle plateform and offered a webbased graduate diploma in computer science which was funded from HEEPF with 500K L.E.

Indoor Courses

With more than 50 courses in computer sciences and information technologies, our customers can select the carrier they wish to follow. Our first course was Basic programming language in 1983


Our software applications variety from expert system to help in valve desieases to systems for marketing and medical companies.

Exceptional Professors

To teach something, you have to master it and then deliver it in a simple way such that the audiance can get benifets from the course. And there are no suitable for this job but PhD holders who have a long term teaching in Universities. Our staff are only from those experts.


As the world moved to digital ear, marketing got a different way, it specially depends on e-marketing. Therefore, to have a website for your service/company is essential. We offer a lot of variety dynamic websites.

Graduate Diploma

One of the shortcommings of e-learning is that learner do not get an authorized certificate. We belong to and American Association to provide you with this kind of certificate.